Common Anodisation Finishes for Cool Looking Metalwork

Anodisation is so called because electrical anodes are used as a part of the process. Essentially, the anodising process can be thought of as creating a layer on the outer surface of a metal by manipulating its normal oxidisation process, something that occurs quite naturally. With anodisation, electrolytic passivity is utilised in order to make the outer layer of a metal product more resistant to wear and tear. When something is anodised, only the outside section of it is subject to this treatment and the rest of the material remains intact with all of the properties it had before processing. Read More 

How to Choose a Welder for Your Antique Car

If you are refinishing an antique car, you may need to hire someone to do some welding to fix up the body of your car. You may want to look at a few different places to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. While choosing a shop to handle your welding, you may want to look for a place that offers the following elements. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Read More 

4 Reasons to Use Glass Recyclable Bottles Instead of Plastic for Your Business

If you are manufacturing a drink and trying to decide between plastic and glass bottles, you may want to consider recycled glass bottles. There are numerous benefits to glass over plastic. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to make that choice: 1. People Are More Likely to Recycle Glass Some plastic bottles are recyclable, and based on that fact, your customers could easily recycle either glass or plastic bottles. Read More 

Powder Coating: Understanding Your Thermosetting Product Options

Powder coatings are manufactured and applied on surfaces as free flowing, dry powders. In simple terms, these products do not require a specific solvent to suspend the pigments for the application process. Powder coatings are favourable over the alternatives because they do not contain significant amounts of volatile organic compounds. They also produce thicker and longer lasting coats on surfaces. The use of powder presents a more refined and uniform appearance. Read More 

Two industries in which generators play an incredibly important role

An electrical generator is a machine which converts mechanically-generated energy into electricity. Generator hire companies rent their products to many different businesses, across a wide range of industries. Here are two specific industries which make use of this type of device.  The food processing industry Food products can spoil extremely easily if the temperatures in which they are prepared and stored are not low enough. This is because the dangerous fungi, viruses, and bacteria that cause spoilage tend to multiply very quickly in warm conditions. Read More