5 Attributes of Feeds and Speeds Calculators for CNC Routers

Are you a hobbyist who would likes to cut aluminium using a CNC router? Read on and discover some of the attributes you should look for as you compare feeds and speeds calculators that will help you to tweak the CNC router cutting parameters for working with aluminium.

Minimum RPM Threshold

Aluminium has a tendency to stick to the cutting tool. This can shorten the life of your CNC router due to the intense heat trapped within those chips that have welded themselves onto your tool. Reducing the cutting speed can enable the chip-removal system to do a better job. However, reducing the cutting speed excessively can cause tool wear since the cutting edge will just be rubbing the material instead of slicing through it. Good feeds and speeds calculators can tell you the minimum rpm (revolutions per minute) needed to cut without rubbing the aluminium.

Fixing Deflection Issues

CNC machining tools usually deflect as they cut different materials. The best feeds and speeds calculators are able to recommend various measures that you can take to counter tool deflection so that your equipment can last for long. For instance, the calculator can recommend that you slow down the feed rate in order to reduce the deflection that occurs when the feed rate is very high.

Accommodation of Different Cutters

CNC routers usually rely on different types of cutters, such as V-bits and compression bits, to handle different machining tasks. It is therefore advisable for you to consider feeds and speeds calculators that suggest the specific cutter that is suitable for machining the different materials that you work with.

Horsepower Adjustment

CNC machining tools vary in rigidity. The settings that you use to cut different materials should also vary to reflect the rigidity of your tools. Otherwise, the tool will break if it is used to cut at parameters that exceed what the rigidity of the machine can handle. Only buy a calculator that can adjust the horsepower of your equipment in accordance with the rigidity specifications of the CNC router.

Rubbing Warning

As already stated, reducing the cutting parameters excessively can shorten equipment life due to material rubbing. The best calculators can warn you when the settings selected create an opportunity for rubbing to occur. This early warning can help you to change the settings before you put your CNC machining tools at risk.

You will get better results if you start machining aluminium using a CNC router if you get a calculator that has the features above. Consult a machining service for more information.