Benefits to Using Powder Coating on Outdoor Metal Furniture

Outdoor metal furniture is a common option for many homeowners who want to enjoy their backyards or entertain during various seasons. When the furniture is first purchased, it will likely have a paint of some sort on the finish of the metal. This paint will need to be updated at some point due to weather exposure. When the time comes to upgrade the paint, you may want to consider a powder coating. Here are some benefits to powder coating on your outdoor metal furniture.

Metal Bonding

One of the largest benefits to using a powder coating on your outdoor metal furniture is the bonding that occurs. Powder coating is designed to electrostatically connect to the metal. This means that it bonds easier, without having to rough up the metal or damage the furniture finish. This bonding offers a reduction in the paint chipping due to weather conditions like severe cold or heat. This provides a level of durability that you may not find with a traditional paint coating or spray paint coating option.

Protection of the Metal

When you think about outdoor metal furniture, you will naturally start to think about the protection of that furniture. This furniture will be exposed to rain, snow, extreme heat, and cold. All of these can damage the metal in some way. Some of the most common damage comes in the form of rust, that if left unmanaged, can cause breaks and cracks in the metal making the outdoor furniture dangerous to use. A regular paint will not necessarily protect the metal the way you would prefer. A powder coating, however, offers extra protection including a protection level against rust and corrosion that could damage the furniture permanently. Some powder coating options also have extra protection such as water protection included.

Overall Appearance

One aspect of painting outdoor metal furniture that many owners are concerned with is the overall appearance of the finished product. In fact, you may worry about the appearance overtime as the furniture ages. With a regular paint, you will likely start to see the breakdown of the paint as well as the colour fading from that paint due to exposure. Powder coating does not have this issue. It will maintain it's look, colour, and luster overtime regardless of exposure to the elements.

These are just a few of the benefits to using powder coating on outdoor metal furniture. If you think that these benefits may be ideal for your outdoor metal furniture and environment, consider visiting a painting contractor for pricing and colour options.