RV (Recreational Vehicle) Components that are Made Using Metal Fabrication Process

Recreational vehicle (RV) owners who need to explore hard-to-reach places such as mountains or valleys might find it difficult to bring their toys with them. Toys like dirt bikes, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and canoes can be difficult to transport to a recreational destination. However, RV owners use toy haulers, also known as sports utility recreational vehicles to bring these toys and other cargo with them. Designing and assembling major metallic components such as replacement bumpers, racks, and stairs of a hauler call for the services of a metal fabricator. This article examines some key RV parts that utilize metal fabrication process. The information might be helpful to RV owners who need repair or replacement of these parts.     

RV Racks – Before hitting the road, an RV rack can help store all the essentials that you will need for your outdoor activity. A metal fabricator can contribute to bringing your storage ideas to life. Apart from the interior storage, manufacturers can build an exterior rack by welding together high-grade steel. Steel is preferred because of its reliability and durability attributes, which are essential in giving your rack a long lifespan. After welding, the shelves are coated with special powder and paint to prevent the carrier from corrosion, rust, and other weather elements. Furthermore, the high-grade steel ensures that you can carry heavy cargo such as generators and motorbikes without damaging the racks.

Replacement Bumper -- Metal fabricators can replace your RV bumper with a stronger version to enable hauling of heavy cargo. Bumpers that come with toy haulers are often designed for lightweight load because of thin welds, which might not be ideal for many RV owners. However, smart owners might want to increase the carrying capacity of the bumper. Besides, RV bumpers get damaged through accidental impacts or corrosion, and thus, might need replacement with a much stronger and versatile option. By adding some form of steel reinforcement to the bumper, you can increase its carrying capacity.

Entrance Stairs -- Most RVs have high ground clearance, which requires stairs for easy entry and exit. With a folding mechanism, you can store and lock the stairs inside the RV. However, some foldable RV stairs develop common problems such as wobbling and bouncing due to instability. A perfectly designed and fabricated stairs will eliminate the issue by retaining stability. The two metal brackets that hold the stairs on either side should be welded properly to add reinforcement to the unit. Moreover, metal fabricators can repair existing stairs, which might have taken a beating because of years of traveling on a rough terrain. 

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